NEW Deadline for abstracts submission
September 15 – CLOSED


1 — All abstracts must be submitted before the deadline.

2 — Abstracts should be submitted exclusively through this platform. We won’t accept abstracts submitted by email or any other method.

3 — There is a maximum of 3 abstracts permitted by the same author.

4 — Abstracts submitted are peer-reviewed and scored based on scientific merit, originality, and relevance for the field of neurosurgery. Although scientific data are important, the abstract quality is the main factor for being accepted by the CLAN 2022 Scientific Committee.

5 — Once the abstract has been accepted, the presenter needs to be registered.

6 — You should select specifically and unique author, which will be the presenter and co-author/s.

7 — The final presentation on site format will be oral or e-poster.


1 — Abstracts will be received until August 31st of 2022 and will be evaluated by a Reviewing Committee that will decide on their acceptance.

2 — The author of an oral presentation, or an e-poster must be registered as an attendee at CLAN 2022 before October 31st, 2022.

3 — Abstracts must be unpublished (not published or presented in any forum, symposia or congress previous to the CLAN 2022). In case that you reproduce articles or any fragment of it, you should attach the writing agreement of the intellectual property owner.

4 — The structure of the abstract will be the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions (you can add recommendations)
  • Key words (five as maximum)

5 — All the authors need to detail their personal data, title, name, surname, work center or affiliation, position, city and country.

6 — The contents, grammar and spelling are the sole and absolute responsibility of the authors.

7 — Only abbreviations of universal medical use and knowledge are accepted and will be placed in parentheses the first time they are used in the text. Pharmaceutical products must be mentioned by their generic name.

8 — Once the paper has been submitted and accepted, the Scientific Committee will assign an identification number.

9 — Abstracts acceptance will be informed through the e-mail received.

10 — The Scientific Committee will decide the final presentation format of each received free communication.

11 — A Certificate of Participation will be given to the authors of each of the accepted abstracts.

12 — Participation constitutes full acceptance of these Bylaws.

13 — If the author is unable to attend the congress, he/she should request a change of presenting author by sending an e-mail to clan2022@bcocongresos.com

14 — After the change, all correspondence will be addressed and sent to the new presenting author.


Deadline to send your free communication


Deadline for the presenter author to be registered to the congress CLAN2022


1 — All approved abstracts are eligible for an award.

2 — The Qualifying Committee appointed Ad Hoc by the Organizing Committee of the Congress, will evaluate the quality and presentation of the works and will give the Executive Committee its conclusions, which will not be subject to appeal.

3 — The Award will be given to the author exclusively at the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

4 — The Awards will be organized hierarchically as listed below:

  • 1st place: 1,000 USD to the best Abstract.
  • 2nd place: 100% sponsorship of the registration fee for the next CLAN 2024 congress that will be held in Santiago, Chile.
  • 3rd place: 50% sponsorship of the registration fee for the next CLAN 2024 congress that will be held in Santiago, Chile.